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You need an Immigration Attorney for all your immigration needs. Our Texas Immigration and Green Card Attorneys can help you with your Green Card, Business Visas, Employment Visas, Family Visas, Citizenship, Illegal Immigration Status, Deportation, Out of Status, ICE Hold, and Criminal Defense with Nonimmigrant Status. We have a tough team of attorneys who have earned the reputation of being the best Texas Immigration and Green Card Attorneys. Our attorneys have the experience of dealing with all kinds of Immigration and Green Card cases, and have knowledge of the latest immigration laws. You can contact us 24/7 at 972-789-1664, or 1-866-789-1664, or email us at contact@dallasarealaw.com.

Latest Immigration News

Green Card

A person can get the status of Permanent Resident, and can live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. A permanent resident card, called a “Green Card” is issued to the person, which is proof of his/her legal status. The steps to become a Permanent Resident depend on a person’s situation. These steps are different for each category and will depend on whether that person is currently living inside or outside the United States.

Getting a Green Card

There are several ways to become a Permanent Resident. Some people are sponsored by their family members in United States, who are either Permanent Residents or US citizens. Some employers also sponsor their employees to get the Permanent Resident status. Other individuals may become a Permanent Resident through a refugee or asylee status, or other humanitarian programs. In some cases a person can file a Green Card for himself.

How can our Immigration Attorneys help?

Our team of Immigration and Green Card Attorneys can help you with your Green Card process, regardless of your situation. For any immigration process in the United States you need to have an experienced immigration attorney on your side. Our attorneys can help you from the beginning of your case, through the receipt of the green card in your hand. During the entire process of becoming a permanent resident, you will need our services for filing documents timely, attending court, medical tests, and appointments with immigration officers on the specific dates, and replying to immigration corresponding on time.

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Why do you need an Immigration Attorney?

Like many others, you too must have asked yourself why you need an immigration attorney, when there is lot of information available online with USCIS assisting you in getting the latest immigration news, and your friends and family there to help you understand the process. One wishes things were that simple.

When it comes to immigration you need to understand your rights, get the latest immigration information, and make the right decision at the right time. You can get through these three steps, only with the help of an experienced immigration attorney.

Here is how an Immigration Attorney can help you with your Immigration Case:

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